Don’t Throw Your Butterflies Away!

It’s that time of year in Florida when things are starting pop up in the yard.  Too often people grab the weed and feed or randomly pull plants without thought to how it could adversely impact our butterfly populations.

Many of the very plants that the chemical companies target as “weeds” are important larval hosts for our beautiful butterflies. A lawn is a pretty much a biological desert.   Don’t fall for their misguided propaganda that you need to have a perfect carpet of green in front of your home.  Leave that to the putting greens on the golf course.

Let these wildflower beauties grow and you just may find a marked uptick in the number of butterflies that choose to call your place home.

dontthrowplantainmar2014 americanladycudweeddontthrow dontthrowpepperweed sidadontthrowapr2014 dontthrowfrogfruit2016

And don’t forget to leave an area of Bidens alba as a great nectar source that the butterflies simply can’t resist.

Bidens alba is a butterfly magnet
Bidens alba is a butterfly magnet

Come on over to the wild side.  The pollinators will flock to show their appreciation.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Throw Your Butterflies Away!”

  1. I love this post! Highlighting “weeds” that serve as important butterfly (and moth) hosts is simply fantastic. I’m trying to think of some others you could add – violets come to mind, but nothing else is springing to mind right now.

    By the way – do you know of any animals (including insects) that use dollarweed (Hydrocotyle)? We have a booming crop of it and I’m trying to find some upsides to that, beyond the pretty green color and shining leaves…..


  2. KEEP IT WILD!!! I love this time of year when all the fun larval hosts pop up for the butters. Really nice illustrations, Loret! 👍🏻


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