Welcome to the rantings of a weed gardener from Osceola County Florida.

This blog is an attempt to republish and give access to the content of my writings once published at Beautiful Wildlife Garden [dot] com which has gone defunct.  I wrote these over the course of 5+ years every Friday beginning in 2010.

In the meantime, you can find an archive of my lost articles at the waybackmachine. Although some photos may be missing, the text appears in its entirety.



I garden for wildlife ~ the benefit to my senses is merely a bonus.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I found you by looking up frogs eating lizards.I ran into a thick web with my face. To my amazement, The large furry brown spider was eating a lizard bigger than itself. Can you help identity it ??


    1. I’m not really an expert with spiders, but If you post a photo or link to the photo I’ll be glad to try or at least lead you to a website where you might get your answer. Very Cool Encounter for you! Spiders sure are willing to take on prey a lot larger than themselves.


  2. Thanks so much for reposting these articles. I love how well you explain the differences between native and non-native. If you’ve ever done one on senna, I’m trying to decide if I have the obnoxious invasive or the threatened Bahamas trying to take over my front yard. We decided to leave them until they went back to bloom and then decide what to do!

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    1. Hi Vicki! Nice to hear that my articles make a difference. Senna is a species that doesn’t seem to occur on my lot so I haven’t done any articles on them. Crossing my fingers that yours proves to be the native. I have found that invasive plants are a frustrating fact of life here in Florida but am glad that so many others work to try and reign them in as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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